I know this quarantine thing is hard. It is hurting small businesses, restaurants and schools.

Parents are also stressed about balancing work and their kids' education. That is definitely stressful on the mind and to stay on task thinking about it.

But, this is a time we can make better relationships with others that are dealing with this situation to make them feel better, which is what friends are for. As an example, my grandma is putting smiley faces on watermelons and cantaloupes and giving them to worried mothers. This is a nice gesture to make the world a happier place during this tough time. Things like that make people feel like you are right there beside them and that is a comfortable feeling.

I would like to share with you the pros and cons of online learning. First, some cons are no classmates beside you, no face-to-face teaching/help from teachers and no non-curriculum activities. A few pros would be staying safe at home, working at your own pace, and more time to work on that assignment if needed.

Finally, here are some things you can do to calm yourself. Take some time to meditate, do some yoga, watch a funny television program and spend time with close friends and family. All these things calm you and take your mind off of the virus. Think happy thoughts and count your blessings.

We all need to learn how to relieve stress during this time, and show kindness to people around you. Now, we are ready to help our local community and the world.

Colby Lerten

Sandstone Middle School seventh-grader


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