To the editor:

Thank you for your insightful and thoughtful editorial regarding ableism. Your column resembles recent conversations that I have had with my wife, Nancy Peterson, who is a disability activist and a retention specialist at a local college.

Through her work and personal life, Nancy encounters people who struggle. As she also lives with a set of disabilities that sometimes leaves her bedridden or puts her in the hospital, her work is taxing. She continues to work hard because she is caring, intelligent and devoted. Meanwhile, she encounters people who are sometimes themselves unaware of their own worth.

I am glad for people like you (and Nancy) who argue for the dignity of disabled individuals, just as I am happy for those people mentioned in your editorial, who know that it is right to invest in a ramp or accessible playground equipment. Such people also prioritize people with disabilities and chronic illnesses over the stock market.

I hope that, as we continue to suffer this awful pandemic, more and more people realize that sick people, old people and all disabled people are worthy. They are valuable for themselves, as they are also precious to the rest of society.

Erick Peterson


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