The story that the old high school/junior high school/Armand Larive Middle School/Junior School was haunted probably had its origin in the 1960s.

Larry Jacobs was a young science teacher with advance knowledge about electronics. One Halloween, unbeknownst to the rest of us, he had placed radio receivers in the "sand tunnel" adjacent to the science rooms and under the social studies room. Midway thought the morning we began hearing low moaning sounds. Larry was able to activate his broadcast station, located in the furnace room, adjacent to his room, from his desk. When Dick Lowry and Carlisle Harrison opened the door to the "sand tunnel" the sounds stopped. 

Larry later heard the sounds of dragging chains. Again the sounds stopped when we opened the "sand tunnel." By now, kids in our rooms were convinced someone was in big trouble. Junior high kids can be gullible. 

When the noise began to commence during our next period, we heard the firing of gunshots from the area under the social studies room. Dick and Carlisle rushed into the area to find Skeet Correa standing in the dark with an empty starting pistol in his hands. 

At that point, we did not know the source of the noise, but since it was Halloween, we told the kids that Mr. Correa had put the ghost out of his miseries. we later had a good laugh as Larry explained to us that he had spent the weekend setting up the best Halloween prank ever. 

Carlisle Harrison


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