I read a letter in the paper recently from Hermiston resident Jan Beitel saying that Obama is not doing too bad a job and that she would vote for him again. My question to her is, “Have you been living under a rock for the past four years?” I agree he inherited a mess from Bush and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate, but let's look at his record:

• 23 million unemployed

• 43 straight months of 8+ percent unemployment

• 45 million on food stamps

• Black poverty at record highs

• Middle class has lost 1/3 of its net worth

• Black youth unemployment at more than 50 percent

• Hispanic unemployment at 10.3 percent

• Food prices up more than 25 percent

• Gas prices doubled

• Worst job creation record since 1945

• Worst economic recovery in 75 years

• Average annual household income declines $4,300

• Family health insurance costs increase $1,500 under Obama

• Only president to have U.S. credit rating downgraded – now twice

• More than 100 million people on some form of means-tested welfare

• $6 trillion added to our debt – more than all other presidents combined

• Libyan ambassador plus others murdered and Obama administration can’t provide coherent explanations for this tragedy, including why requests for extra security beforehand were denied Please remember two things when voting; 1. Voting for Romney doesn’t make you a Republican, it just means he is the better choice and Obama must go. 2. No one has to know.

Gary Stolz • Hermiston

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