I have seen your published reports concerning the intent to open a slaughter plant in Hermiston. I am surprised that forward-thinking Oregonians would allow such an operation to exist in their midst.

If plans to do this proceed to fruition, you and your citizens will likely be very sorry. Horses are wholly unfit for slaughter because they are prey animals who have a great self-awareness of impending danger. Much of America was built on their backs. They have names and they have pedigrees.

Secondly, horses are not fit for consumption. If you like, I can provide you with a list of medications that do not belong in our “food chain.” Even the French, in whose country horse meat has been sold for years, are beginning to see the error in their ways.

Third, if you do not care for the horses, I assume you care for your state and your town. I live in Texas, not Oregon, but I invite you to check out www.kaufmanzoning.net. You will see first-hand how a slaughter plant adversely impacted the city of Kaufman, Texas.

Last, and perhaps most important, watch the videos of slaughter on YouTube. I am sure there are many, though I have never been able to bring myself to watch the horror. I do not want those images burned into my brain. What kind of people do you think would seek this kind of job? There are many more worthy means of employing the citizens of your lovely state.


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