I voted for George as commissioner in the last race, but will not vote for him this time. You see, I received a flier yesterday from the Re-Elect George campaign, and I say it lacks of integrity and honesty. Let me explain:

George had a photo of the Harkenrider Center dedication with two of our Senior Center board of directors, Willard and Judy Fordice. Nice, but the photo was taken several hours after the dedication that George did not attend. I know, I was at the dedication. He was at a wedding and showed up right about the time the Fordices were closing up. He and his wife wanted a tour. The Fordices obliged. Then George pulled a photo op and left.

In my five years working on this project, have I ever seen or heard of George’s involvement? I did not see him on the long range planning committee, the site selection committee, or the numerous times I and others went to city hall to council meetings garnering support from the council for the center. In addition, nor has he aided in the financial aspect through grants or personal contributions, like many of us in the project have done. Just a shame!

It is sad when a politician uses these types of photos to make it look like he had any tangential involvement to the process, which he did not. I will vote for Rick Pullen now, as well as my family and friends who know well about how the Senior Center came to be. It was from my and others’ steadfast, daunting, and long involvement of hundreds of personal hours that this happened, and not your one photo op in the center, which is dishonest.

George, you were dishonest in this flier and integrity lacking, and people in the county should send you packing.

Perry W. Hawkins


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