After listening to the third debate last evening and the media concerning Gov. Romney's remarks about our Navy's size as being equal to the size we had in 1916, and followed by President Obama's comments about bayonets and horses, I would like to remind my friends and readers that even though we have ships that carry aircraft and nuclear submarines, so do those nations such as China and North Korea.

In 2004, China had six land based ICBMs and 24 nuclear missile firing submarines.

In 2009 it was revealed that China unveiled a fleet of nuclear submarines and in August of 2011 China launched an aircraft carrier.

In September, China launched a space laboratory.  

My point is we cannot downsize our military thinking those nations who would cheer our demise is depending on bayonets and horses.  

Our government’s one responsibility is to protect and secure our nation.

Those who agree with President Obama and his quip need to reconsider America's position in this changing world.

Frank E. Vincent • Hermiston

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