To the editor:

The Oregon Secretary of State serves all of Oregon’s 36 counties as chief auditor, administrator, and elections officer. Jamie McLeod-Skinner is the only candidate for secretary who has visited and connected with communities in all of our 36 counties. She wouldn’t need to play catch-up in getting to know Oregon.

During her 2018 run for Congress, the “Tear Drop Trailer” candidate put over 40,000 miles on her Jeep, crisscrossing our district. She would stop to visit with farmers working their fields and would drop in on local board meetings to hear rural concerns in one-on-one conversations. Jamie is the only candidate for secretary who doesn’t live in the Portland-metro area, and will bring a rural perspective that is currently missing at the highest levels of state leadership.

Jamie is the only candidate who has pledged not to take corporate PAC, pharmaceutical or fossil fuel money. Jamie is accountable only to the voters and is truly the people-powered candidate.

Jamie understands that Oregonians have more in common than what divides us. She has the skills and experience to make voices heard from communities across the state. She can be a bridge builder between all of Oregon’s demographic groups and political parties. Jamie will help ease our state’s urban-rural divide, empower the voices of our working families, strengthen our communities, and protect our environment.

Please join Lonnie and me in voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner as Secretary of State, our people-powered candidate. We trust her.

Vickie Read


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