On May 8, I submitted a letter that excoriated the U.S. Postal Service. My intent was to focus on the incompetent aspects of  Congress right on down to the USPS administrative leadership that has provided the taxpayer with one of the largest monetary wastes of our government.  But my apologies to the local delivery service.  I was not and could not include them. I have a mail delivery person who is one of those most special and considerate individuals anyone could know.  My wife has been incapacitated in a wheelchair for several years and so many, many times our mail deliverer turns her vehicle up the drive way through the snow and other inclement weather, leaves her vehicle and brings the mail to the door.  I certainly do not want to say individuals like her are to blame for poor administrative management decisions.  But I do believe we should consider an amendment to the Constitution to allow the postal service to be privatized.

Recently I read an article about old decommissioned aircraft that were stashed in the desert to decay, but Congress deemed it necessary to hire a watchman to prevent people from stealing parts.  To make a long story short, they created several departments and bureaucracies to oversee the project.  When it became apparent they were thousands of dollars in the red, they decided to cut back, so they fired the night watchman.  That’s the kind of decisions they make for the Postal Service.


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