A few days ago, I was in a meeting that included elected officials, public employees, business owners, and private residents.

We spoke freely about school closures, vaccine supplies and delivery, public perceptions of implemented actions, community consternation, economic woes, flawed and faltering responses, and initiatives at various levels of government, and so forth.

One of the aforementioned people is a landlord. He adjusted rental rates for one of his tenants in order to help the business remain viable. Not all property owners would be able to do that, but he could. Part of the motivation was humanitarian, but the other component was that if the business failed he would have no tenant in the near term.

Another person mentioned going to businesses, especially restaurants, that we would have otherwise patronized during the pandemic and writing a check in the amount we might have spent if the business had not been closed. Travel agents, waiters, waitresses, clothiers, tailors and dry cleaners were mentioned.

It went without saying that not everyone would be able to do something like what was suggested, but plenty of people are in different circumstances, especially those who have been able to work remotely.

I thought the suggestions and ideas were worth passing along to others as a suggestion fo what some of us could do for those among us who need a hand. I wish I would have thought of saying something earlier, but it looks as though we may still have plenty of opportunities to lend a hand. That’s what communities do.

I encourage us to do what we can. I think we’ll all feel better by so doing.

Kim B. Puzey


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