Oregon’s energy landscape is rapidly changing. Here among Columbia River communities, where most of Oregon’s wind farms are located, we’re fortunate to not just be a witness to our state’s incredible growth in clean energy, but a key participant.

Importantly, this also means bringing renewable energy education into the minds of Oregon students. Through the support of the KidWind program, EDP Renewables (EDPR) believes this is a critical link to the success of clean energy in our state.

The inaugural REpowering Schools Awards recently took place to recognize the growing value of renewable energy education. EDPR was proud to receive the Industry Champion Award for our support of the KidWind program. KidWind provides several unique workshops that show how wind and solar projects work to inspire our next generation.

The awards also recognized the important relationship that takes place between local education and developers of renewable energy projects. Building support for KidWind in Boardman has meant working with educators like Rhonda Fox-Brennan, who twice has traveled across the country with her team of students to compete at the highest level at the National KidWind Challenge thanks, in part, to funding from EDPR.

Our drive to provide sustainable, clean energy for our state helps the environment and the economy, but it also means taking our commitment one step further to support the education of Oregon students looking to enter the workforce.

These recent awards are a great reminder: supporting the growth of renewables in Oregon means affordable energy — and new careers — for decades to come.

Jarod Wizner, operations manager

Rattlesnake Road/Wheat Field Wind Farm


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