Just a point of clarification on your six-man football article (“Six-man football debuts,” Sept. 6).1948 was not the last year the sport was played in Oregon. I played for the state championship in 1952. I believe the sport was contested in Oregon until 1959.

I am glad to see the sport return. It was fast and fun, but you had better not miss your tackle in open field because it quite often would result in a score.

Most football rules come into play, but there are some major differences. You must have a visible exchange of the ball behind the scrimmage line after the initial received secures the ball form the center. A first down is secured after 15 years is gained. All members of the team, excluding the passer, are eligible to receive a pass. A kick after a touchdown is worth 2 points while a run is worth 1 point. A field goal is worth 4 points.

I have long advocated that instructional levels leading to 11 man football would be well served by having kids compete using 6 man rules. Kids would better learn blocking, tackling, kicking and passing skills.

Carlisle Harrison


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