To the editor:

In response to comments made at a Umatilla County Board of Commissioners meeting last week, Mr. Bill Elfering, thank you for not passing judgment on all protesters. Thank you for wanting to learn more, and then coming to a conclusion of whats happening in Umatilla Country and across America today.

Commissioners George Murdock and John Shafer, I am very disappointed in the two of you for broadly painting a brush across all protesters. Here in Hermiston and across the country, the majority (at least 99%) of the protesters are peaceful. Yes, their were some looters and violent people who were trying to distract from the thousands that are against police brutality and murder, that 432 unarmed black men, women, and children were murdered by bad cops across the country (the ones we know about).

We are not against 800,000 police officers. And saying that you are for 800,000 police officers means you support the bad cops too.

What we want as a country is for cops that are murdering and brutalizing Blacks at the highest rate and other people of color to be brought to justice just like any other civilian would be. George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel's back. To watch this man die as he was complying with the four cops was despicable!

We as African Americans have been fighting to be treated like citizens of this country with full rights since 1866. And we are still fighting in 2020.

I am thankful for the whites, Asians, and Latinx as well as all African Americans and the world for joining in the fight to set us free from brutality and murder.

We want people in office that are concerned about all of its citizens, no matter their color.

Jackie Linton


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