To the editor:

Well, Dr. Jeremy Anderson, so you blame the Hispanic community for the high number of the COVID-19 cases in Hermiston? Did you do a thorough survey of all the people in Hermiston, all the other provider offices? Does it seem to you that all the Hispanics spread the virus in Hermiston?

I've got news for you, doctor: A lot of people in our community think they won't get the virus. I've seen whites and Hispanics go into a store with no mask on. They think it won't happen to them.

Call the Oregon governor and tell her to open the town again, that you will see that all Hispanics leave town. Maybe then you'll have no more virus in town.

Minerva Bethel


Editor's note: This letter is in reference to an article that appeared in the Aug. 6 East Oregonian titled "Skeptic faces pushback from community members."

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