The Greater Hermiston CityFest was an amazing event. The event had three objectives: bring regional churches together, 63 churches and organizations participated; learn how local churches can better serve their communities; and provide a message of hope.

Nearly 5,000 people attended the event at Butte Park in Hermiston to enjoy the events, which included activities for kids, a BMX demonstration, amazing motorcycle jumping with aerobatics, national known entertainment and a message of hope from Andrew Palau.

Events leading up to and including festival week involved another 1,500 people.

An event of this caliber would not have happened without the tremendous support from many. We thank the cities of Hermiston and Umatilla. They were so supportive of the event, in so many ways. Of course, without the close and professional collaboration of the Luis Palau Association, and their dedicated and capable staff, the event just would not have happened. Andrew and Wendy Palau were amazing.

In addition, we appreciated the support of Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston and his officers for helping to keep the event safe. Umatilla Electric Cooperative and Good Shepherd Health Care System provided needed parking. The Hermiston Parks and Recreation staff were very helpful. Plus, over 300 volunteers served in many positions to help the events of the week run smoothly. Actually, there are so many to thank, for their contributions of time, their skills, or equipment, we would fill up a page acknowledging them. Thank you.

Lastly, an event free to the public, with nationally known artists and entertainers, and all the technical personnel that goes along with an event of this magnitude, requires significant funding. We want to thank all those who financially contributed to make the event happen. They apparently understood the opportunities and benefits that an event like this brought would bring to region.

We hope that this is just a start of greater community involvement by our churches. We already have the “I Love My City” activity in Hermiston. Hopefully that movement will expand, not only in Hermiston, but into other local cities across the region. We also know that hundreds heard and responded to the message of hope that our world so desperately needs.

We are humbled and grateful to belong to such a caring and generous region who values hope for everyone.

Mary Corp and Phil Hamm

CityFest co-chairs


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