Dear Mr. President,

As it appears to be for you, I was upset when NFL players knelt during the national anthem. However, at this time I think we should all kneel for the anthem, as a statement against improper and illegal police actions and in memorial to all past, present, and future victims of police brutality. In this we must agree to disagree.

I am as big a patriot for this country as anyone ever (retired U.S. Navy, ballistic missile submarines), but sometimes things become more important than the primary symbols of this country. Right now, I believe all Americans should shout with one voice, "No more bad police." You do know what they say about one bad apple.

Unfortunately, we have always had bad apples as police, politicians (can name a half a dozen right now), military, and any other job you can name. We probably will always have them. Perhaps now is the time to say something and generate real change. This is our chance to make America truly great. Please join me in this.

Fair winds and following seas.

William Laffen


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