The Greater Hermiston Chamber of Commerce board of directors supports the efforts of the Hermiston School District Bond that will be on your May 2017 ballot.

In most communities, even when education is a priority, the older facilities where learning takes place often do not get visited by the general public to see how inadequate the rooms are. Some class rooms are so small you can barely walk between the desks, some of the rooms have very inefficient air conditioning and heating systems; age plays a major factor in all those conditions. While a quality education does not require flashy facilities, it cannot be accomplished in a building that suffers from age, safety and deficiencies. That means the cost of maintaining these buildings is also high. New facilities are designed to use energy wisely and create a safe place for our children to learn.

Business and industry are attracted to locations where there are quality schools. Schools also will create a well-qualified workforce and a higher standard of living. Businesses benefit because more events bring more people to town to shop, eat and utilize services here in Hermiston. When businesses, corporations or employee recruits are seeking information about Hermiston, schools and what they offer are typically at the top of the list for inquiries, which leads to visits and tours of the facilities.

Local residents reap the benefits of increased property values. Building the new schools reflects how we feel about our community. New facilities will provide more venues for adult and youth events and add to our economy.

Communities experience economic growth, lower crime rates, increased participation, volunteerism, and charitable giving. Our local schools should be a source of pride, a symbol of our community’s determination to ensure a better future for everyone who lives here. We have a lot to be proud of and in order to continue to grow and provide for the needs of our students, we must think about building and expanding to adequately provide the classroom space needed.

Debbie Pedro

Hermiston, Greater Hermiston Chamber of Commerce

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