If you are on a fixed or limited income you should really take some time to let environmental extremists know what you think about their role in stopping logging and new energy production efforts.

For most of us the cost of gas, food, housing, fuel, roads and law enforcement are getting out of hand and the environmental extremists are primarily responsible. You should take the time to recognize these people and give them your "special" blessing because they have allowed you to give up so much on behalf of their extremist beliefs.

Environmental extremists have discounted the guiding principles of conservationist Gifford Pinchot when he helped to create the U.S. Forest Service. Gifford Pinchot understood values of nature and how to protect the forests with a balance of economics and management of our resources.

Integrated forest management strategies look at the health of the forest within an adaptive management context. Plans call for the development of a variety of stand structures across the landscape. This will, in turn, benefit local and regional economies while providing ample opportunities for forest recreation such as hunting, berry picking, wildlife viewing and hiking.

Healthy forest ecosystems with varied stand structures also have an added benefit as a deterrent against forest fires. Plans also have strategies for properly functioning aquatic and riparian habitats which will benefit the recreational and commercial fisheries.

Because environmental extremists have successfully blocked almost all federal timber sales through our legal system, we now have densely stocked, unhealthy forests resulting in catastrophic annual forest fires.

Don't blame Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the U.S. House) for not renewing the legislation to obligate money for federal timber payments. Activists have been pressuring and suing governments and agencies for decades now.

Activists are excluding science and proven safe practices to scare people into paying more for fuel that is not safer for the environment. The result is a system of government that is bowing to special interests.

It's called tyranny by the minority and the rest of us are paying the price.

Charles J. Hurliman, Tillamook County commissioner

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