As the summer is winding down, we as a community have some things to ponder.

This community has done some amazing projects to make this place a great place to live and raise our children. Some examples of great projects would be: The Little League Field of Dreams, The new Hermiston Library, Fun land Park (built and rebuilt due to arson) and Riverfront Park.

We need to revisit an indoor pool option for this amazing community. Here are some examples of the options that we have available to this community and outlying population of 17,000 people.

1. Cover our existing summer pool for winter use: Go to Hood River and look what they have done or look at one website:

2. Look into a YMCA being built here. The rules say there can't be one within 45 miles of here. The closest Y is in WallaWalla - 47 miles away. Website

3. Look into a Salvation Army KROC Center being built here. Salem and Cour d' Alene, Idaho each have one. Website: salvationarmyrayandjoankroc.


4. Do nothing.

There are 127 men and women that do water aerobics every day at the Hermiston Family Aquatic Center.

Between 40 and 50 lap swimmers per week use the pool.

Forty-six swim team members swam all summer at 6 a.m. because of the love for swimming.

Numerous special needs children take swim lessons for therapeutic reasons.

Hundreds of children took swim lessons last summer.

All suffer without a indoor or covered pool.

I realize there is an indoor pool in our community. We respect that, but it serves different clientele.

The numerous deaths caused by drowning in rivers are horrific. The time for us to act is now. We again as a community need to step up and find a way to get an indoor pool in this community.

The Hermiston Herald on Saturday Aug. 21, 2010 mentioned that a group is forming to try and build something called the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center in the Hermiston area. Why not anchor this building with an indoor pool and Expo/ Community Center?

Again I say, look what we have accomplished - three brand new schools are being built. Everywhere we look, Hermiston is growing. Please ponder the options that have been presented to you. Doing nothing is not an option.

Kevin and Lynne Hablin • Hermiston

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