I don’t claim to be a perfect parent. I am far from that. I do like to think I keep things in perspective by treating others how I want to be treated. This thought kept crossing my mind when I stopped at the local Walmart the other night to buy some groceries.

 I was by myself, bobbing and weaving through the crowded aisles, picking up milk and vegetables. But I soon noticed something that began to disturb me. On almost every aisle there was a weary looking child being toted along on a mid-evening shopping trip. Whether these children were upset because they could not get a new colorful toy or because they were hungry or tired, I will never know. But the one thing I do know is that I didn’t want to be in that store at 8:45 p.m. either.

 I am not trying to condemn any one. Maybe that is the only time some parents have to go grocery shopping. Our children rely on us for their safety, well-being and guidance. With some creative planning and thinking ahead, we wouldn’t be shopping at 8:45 at night, we could be at home reading bedtime stories instead.

Alethea Barrows • Irrigon

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