It’s been nearly a decade since my husband and I had internet at home.

After having issues with our provider, we discontinued service. One of our backyard neighbors was gracious enough to share their password with us, which we used for several years. However, when they sold their house and moved not only did we lose nice and considerate neighbors, we lost our internet hookup.

And about neighbors, sometimes I think it would be nice if, like jobs, we could interview people who are considering moving close to us. You know, to see if they are compatible.

But I digress — after losing my job because of a workforce reduction related to COVID-19, I was faced with filing for unemployment insurance. I want to tell you, that was not a fun process on my cellphone.

The instructions clearly indicated to refrain from hitting the back arrow after completing a page. I’m a fairly well educated person and understood this. However, when I clicked on a question mark for more clarification, I had no idea how to get back to the “page” I was working on.

After a failed attempt at Jedi mind control, I finally decided to click the back arrow. And it took me back, all right — all the way back to the beginning of the form.

Because of a massive increase in requests for service, it took three weeks to finally get our internet hooked up. In addition to waiting for equipment, we had to have new underground cables installed, which required everyone and their dog coming out and painting on our sidewalk, driveway and lawn before they could dig for lines.

I know, I know, what’s a few more days after not having internet for nine-plus years? Really, though, it’s kinda like putting candy in front of a kid and telling them not to eat it. The anticipation of being able to shop on Amazon on a screen bigger than my hand was almost too much to bear.

People have asked how I’m handling the job loss. Overall, I’m doing pretty good. In fact, I’m a bit surprised that my sleep patterns are much improved.

While getting up several hours earlier than usual, I have learned that my husband and the dogs have their own little morning routine. So, after John provides me with a Pepsi, I’ve been making a conscious effort to develop my own little routine in the confines of my daybed room.

Dare I say it, I might be turning into a morning person. When we’re finally able to take road trips again, my friends might be surprised to find that I’m actually ready to go. In the past, they were forced to lie to me about our planned departure time to make sure I was up and ready.

I must say the hoarding behaviors for some products is somewhat intriguing. Luckily, John and I had gone to Costco in late February and were stocked up on most of our paper products and household cleaners before the panic hit.

Due to my allergies, I did have to buy some tissues. I was a bit amused that the advertised sale price was three boxes for $5. However, store restrictions only allowed me to purchase one box.

I will admit that I have a heightened awareness of how much Pepsi I have on hand. But it’s not all that different than usual, as I always have a little pyramid of pop in the garage. Believe me, this pandemic wouldn’t be pretty if I ran out of Pepsi. #staysafe


Tammy Malgesini, the former Hermiston Herald community editor, enjoys spending time with her husband and two German shepherds, as well as entertaining herself with random musings.


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