Dave Andrus

Dave Andrus

Have you ever felt like life is unfair? I have. I’m sure that if you’re like me, there have been plenty of times when you have experienced situations when you thought that you were the only one going through difficulty. Life can be so ugly at times.

I’ve discovered that when I have those feelings, there are at least three lies that slide into my mind. 1- No one else struggles like I do. 2- Bad things happen to me and not to them. 3- Others get what I think I deserve.

If I’m not careful, one of those thoughts can invade and twist the reality of life when I’m experiencing struggles. The truth is that every one of us will face times of difficulty regardless of what level of pain it may be.

There is an historical account found in the Bible (Book of Ruth) about two women who faced unbelievable circumstances that would have taken most of us down. Both women lost their husbands. Both Naomi and Ruth found themselves displaced in foreign countries. Both of them encountered hardships which, today, seem unimaginable. Yet, in spite of the ugliness and severe pain which each of them suffered, they not only survived, they thrived. In the end, each of them discovered not just healing, but also redemption.

For many, today, surviving can seem almost out of reach. Circumstances can be so overwhelming that it feels as though the sense of wellbeing is slipping through their fingers.

Does that resonate with you? Maybe you are wondering if things will ever be better than they are right now. Sometimes it seems as though the easy sounding solutions our world throws out just don’t cut it. We try them. We run from one solution to another solution when the previous one doesn’t work.

In my life, I’ve discovered a ‘redeemer’ who loves me regardless of the circumstances I may face. A ‘redeemer’ who never turns his back on me. For you see, a ‘redeemer’ is one who pays the price for ransom; who buys back one who is unwanted. His name is Jesus.

Just like Naomi and Ruth discovered a ‘redeemer’ in their situations, I have been forever changed by the one and only ‘redeemer’ who promises what no other person or entity on earth can fulfill.

I know what you are thinking. That sounds too good to be true. But I have found that in a world of uncertainty, he is the answer to my doubt and insecurity.

Dave Andrus is pastor of New Hope Community Church in Hermiston.

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