Devontea Wright, a 16-year-old arrested May 9 on felony rape charges, faces additional charges following a grand jury hearing last week. Wright pled not guilty to seven felony sex charges, including rape I and rape II at an arraignment Monday.

During the arraignment, Deputy District Attorney Richard Bunney requested bail for Wright be increased to $500,000. Bunney cited the additional charges, as well as Wright’s criminal history. According to Bunney, Wright’s record includes seven guilty adjudications on felony and misdemeanor charges in the last 17 months.

Judge Daniel Hill ruled that bail would remain at $100,000.

A pre-trial hearing for Wright has been scheduled for May 31.

• Hermiston Police also arrested three men following a Thursday fracas in the Walmart parking lot. According to police,  Rudolph and Antonio Castillo kicked Frank Shoenhofen during an argument that turned physical. The 64-year-old Shoenhofen, 10 years older than the eldest brother, grabbed a metal pipe out of his car.

The Castillos took the makeshift weapon away from Shoenhofen, who got into his car and tried to run the pair over.

According to police, Shoenhofen also nearly struck a Walmart employee who was attempting to see what the ruckus was about. Rudolph Castillo, 54, and Antonio Castillo, 47, were charged with assault III and criminal trespass II for being on Walmart property.

Shoenhofen was charged with assault II and reckless endangering with a vehicle.

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