Wounded soldier to recover at home

U.S. Marine Corporal Christopher Linck was wounded in the neck and will be sent home soon from Iraq to Hermiston for convalescent leave.

By Frank Lockwood

Staff writer

HERMISTON — Family members of U.S. Marine Corporal Christopher Linck learned earlier this week that he was wounded in the neck and would be sent home soon from Iraq to Hermiston for convalescent leave.

Linck's sister Amanda Linck, said she was sorry to hear that he was hurt, but relieved to know that he was coming home. The family received a call around 5 p.m. Tuesday night, saying that he had been wounded, but that he was classified as "not serious."

"He sounded like his old self when I talked to him yesterday afternoon," Amanda said Thursday. He was in really good spirits, asking about family members, and about his car. However, when he spoke with his mother Thursday morning after viewing the wound in the mirror, he sounded depressed, Amanda says.

At first the doctors thought he had shrapnel in his neck, but it turned out to be rock, Amanda said. She said that Linck, who turns 21 on April 17, had attended elementary school in Hermiston one year, living with his father, Ken Linck, for a while, but that he was raised mostly with his mother, Janie Link, and that he graduated from high school in Elgin in 2000. In 1999 he enlisted in the Marines and in 2000 he was deployed, sent to Afghanistan on the U.S.S. Ogden, where he was in amphibious assault. He returned home in June 2002 and in July went to sniper training. He was deployed again in November 2002, bound for Kuwait. Once in Kuwait, he went into Operation Iraqi Freedom, as a sniper with the First Marines, bound for Baghdad.

(For the full story, please see the April 11, 2003, issue of the Hermiston Herald.)

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