Veterans protest new rule by White City V.A.

White City, Ore -- A protest scheduled for 1pm Friday in support of a lawsuit against a new rule at the White City Veteran's Administration was nearly canceled due to rumors that the V.A. would discharge anyone who participated.

Though fears of discharge kept some away from the protest, Lederrick Nesbitt was joined by a handful of other veterans concerned that the V.A. facility's new policy is infringing on their rights to personal property.

Across the street from the Veteran's Administration grounds in white city, Nesbitt protested a new rule he says is disrespectful to veterans.

"They told us that, and I quote the United States as saying, we will take care of you, all of your medical, anything you need, once you complete your enlistment, well I'm trying to hold them to that," said Nesbitt.

Jeffrey Price is one of those veterans, standing by Nesbitt's side.

"Everything we own has to fit inside those two bags, clothing, everything," said Price.

Price says he met the new 'two bag' rule required by the V.A. to stay on the grounds, but he says he's willing to risk being discharged if it helps other veterans who may struggle to meet the new rule.

"If you can't fit it into two little bags, 30 by 22 by 26, then you're out of here," said Price.

For Price, Nesbitt and a handful of others, rumors that the V.A. would discharge anyone protesting the new rule, didn't keep them from gathering.

"They've gone through losing everything that they've ever owned, many times and then they're told that it's okay to gather things and now they're told to get rid of it again," said Price.

With the hope that a simple silent protest was just loud enough to be heard.

"The American public, whether we are Veterans or Delawareans or Washingtonians, we have got to have the right to object or say yes or no," said Nesbitt.

NBC5 contacted the V.A. about the rumors of protestors being discharged. They declined to comment.

Nesbitt says a hearing on the lawsuit is set to take place next Tuesday at the Federal Courthouse.

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