The Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility has received approval from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to increase the liquid incinerator processing rate from 75 percent to 100 percent of the feed rate demonstrated during the mustard agent trial burn and comprehensive performance test. 

This approval follows a prior regulatory acceptance of the agent trial burn report from July 5, confirming the testing and results were in compliance with standards and permit conditions. UMCDF is now authorized to commence hazardous waste feed based on the rates demonstrated during the agent trial burn for agent and spent decontamination solution.  

“The era of chemical munitions at Umatilla Chemical Depot is rapidly closing,” Gary Anderson, UMCDF system project manager, said. “The government and contractor workforce are working around the clock to safely destroy the mustard agent, and we are ahead of schedule to meet international treaty deadline.”

There are less than 400 ton containers left in the stockpile at Umatilla Chemical Depot. The last mustard agent at UMCDF is expected to be destroyed in November of this year.

“We are proceeding safely and deliberately to process the last of the mustard ton containers,” said Steven Warren, project general manager for URS, the company that built and operates UMCDF.

Depot drill

planned Tuesday

The Umatilla Chemical Depot has scheduled its quarterly emergency preparedness drill for Tuesday, Aug. 30.

The depot’s sirens will be sounded as part of a coordinated exercise between the depot, the UMCDF and off-post communities.  

Anyone needing more information about emergency preparedness can contact CSEPP through 1-877-367-2737 in Morrow and Umatilla counties.

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