At nearly 9 p.m., with 60.9 percent of votes counted, the Umatilla mayor's race so far has gone in Karen Steen’s favor.

Of 604 votes so far, 397 have voted for Karen Steen and 192 have voted for Daren Dufloth.

“I’m delighted,” Steen said. “I think my win is a win for Umatilla. There are so many people out there who have endured years of discouragement and decline, especially in the business community. I think we shrugged off a burden of discouragement with this election.”

Steen jokingly said her first task will be to create two signs to keep under her desk on the council, that say “no bullying” and “Umatilla is not for sale.”

But seriously, she said she wants to meet with the new city manager, Bob Ward, and talk about city issues and how his vision will fit with that of the new city council. There will also be a new councilor in Dufloth’s position, Lyle Smith.

“It’s something that I want to feel out ... find common threads, common visions that we have,” she said.

Dufloth, a city councilor for the past two years, was not overly disappointed by his loss.

“It just means that I need to work harder in two years,” he said. “I think that the community needs someone like me, someone who’s involved and who cares about what’s going one not that my opponent doesn’t care .... I have a different viewpoint, and I have a lot of supporters. So it’s all good.”

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