TRCI hosts corrections officers graduation

Basic Corrections Course graduates from Two Rivers Correctional Institution and Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution salute during part of a graduation ceremony on Friday.

Friday afternoon, the administrative building at Two Rivers Correctional Institution filled with friends and family during The Oregon Department of Corrections’ recognition of 24 new correctional officers.

The Basic Corrections Course graduation ceremony was the first of its kind for TRCI and the first multiple-class graduation east of the Cascades. Class 008 began training March 1, 2010, at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, and Class 011 began training March 22, 2010, at TRCI.

Friday, both classes celebrated completion of the training program, which includes hours of training in hands-on defensive tactics, cell extraction, fitness and conflict resolution, as well as passing two academic exams — each of 100 questions with a two-hour time limit — and 24 hours of firearms training with a Glock pistol. Students who will work in medium-custody institutions or above must also complete 16 hours of training with a shotgun and rifle.

Umatilla Circuit Judge Chris Brauer gave the keynote address, stressing the importance of law and lauding the work of correctional officers toward inmate rehabilitation.

“Police officers, they investigate … Prosecutors bring charges against those who have been accused,” Brauer told the graduates. “(You) have the most important of all job among us, and that is the job of corrections.”

Justin Cippriano, of Spokane, was recognized with the peer recognition award for the TRCI class.

“A program like this includes so many people from different walks of life, ages, cultures,” Cippriano said after the ceremony. “For us to work together as well as we did, I think that reflects on the instructors and the staff and everyone it took to put this together. Everyone that’s been involved has shown a great deal of professionalism.”

Mathew Brantley, of Redmond, was recognized with the award for EOCI.

“It’s a great group of guys, good training, a lot of people who went above and beyond to make this happen,” he said. “There are a lot of training officers that need to be recognized.”

Brantley said defensive tactics training was both the best and the most challenging part of the course, and although the corrections field has challenges, it can also be rewarding.

“An inmate generally doesn’t tell you, ‘thanks for holding me accountable for my actions,’” Brantley said, “But when you see them start to make a change, that makes my job so much more rewarding.”


Officer V Alvarado— EOCI

Officer T Barker—EOCI

Officer A Bogue—TRCI, academic award

Officer M Brantley— EOCI, academic award, peer recognition award

Officer J Cippriano— TRCI, force skills award, peer recognition award

Officer D Creger— EOCI

Officer J Escudero— EOCI, top academic excellence award

Officer C Fales— TRCI, academic award

Officer G Faller— EOCI

Officer T Gruenhagen— EOCI

Officer R Harris— TRCI, force skills award, academic award

Officer S Homan—EOCI, academic award

Mr K Hormann—DRCI, top academic excellence award

Officer D James—EOCI, top academic excellence award, firearms award

Officer T Johnson—EOCI, academic award

Officer G Lillie—EOCI, force skills award

Officer C Mackey— EOCI, academic award

Officer C McCauley—TRCI

Officer R McMasters—TRCI, academic award, firearms award

Officer C Perkins—EOCI, academic award

Officer A Shear—TRCI

Officer G Thompson—EOCI

Officer E Valencia—EOCI

Officer A Wilson— TRCI

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