By Joyce Hensley

Staff writer

PENDLETON — Be prepared to pay a $421 ticket if you drive 30 m.p.h. over the speed limit or your speedometer reaches 85 m.p.h. in a 65 m.p.h. zone.

That's $126 more than the previous fine of $295.

Other hefty traffic ticket fees set down by the 2003 Oregon Legislature will impact motorists caught speeding through an Oregon school zone or designated safety corridor. They could be fined up to $672 according to the 2003 fine summary.

The former amount paid by a speeder through those special traffic zones was $539.

The 2003 schedule of fines became effective Sept. 1.

Lt. Darrin Helman of the Oregon State Police said, "It's a law. We have no flexibility of the bail schedule that we put down (on the ticket)."

U-turn violations, formerly a class C offense with a $109 fine, now will cost $141.

A first-offender parking illegally in a disabled parking space faces a possible $360 fine — up $170. Subsequent infractions will cost $450. Misuse of a handicapped program placard carries a $180 fine.

Children are not exempt from raised ticket fines.

A child under 16 caught not wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle will be fined $74, up from $25.

Folks have three ways they can go if they are issued a speeding ticket by one of his troopers.

"The state police does not collect any amount of fine or bail," Helman said. "They can mail it (the fine money), or appear in person, or they can choose to have the case go before a jury in a trial."

If a law enforcement officer issues a ticket to someone breaking the speed limit in the county, they pay their fine at a county circuit court.

If you are stopped in a town or city, the ticket payment goes to the municipal court.

The new fees help preserve some public safety functions cut by the state.

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