Tick makes you allergic to meat

(KPRC) You talk about a bizarre side effect. One bite from a certain kind of tick could have you swearing off red meat.

This warning is coming from doctors about a tick that's named for Texas. There's a health alert about the lonestar tick.

When we think of ticks, we mostly think about the dangers of lyme disease, but there's one nasty tick whose bite may leave you with a bad taste for burgers, brisket and more.

When you eat meat, it triggers an allergic reaction. It's not just barbecue and burgers, it's any red meat at all. It's transmitted to people during a bite and develops antibodies, a way to battle foreign antigens.

Doctors are seeing more states that have been bitten by the lonestar tick.

You should monitor your health closely after any tick bite and call your doctor if you have a rash, fever, headache, joint or muffle pains or swollen lymph nodes within 30 days of a tick.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1B9stWI

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