The mayoral field in Hermiston became a little more crowded Friday afternoon when long-time Hermiston resident Larry Storment filed candidate’s paperwork with the city recorder’s office.

Storment, who turns 68 Sunday, joins John Kirwan and Dave Drotzmann in the race. The deadline for filing for the May 15 primary is Tuesday, March 6.

Storment, a retired locomotive engineer, has lived in Hermiston since 1979. He ran an unsuccessful campaign for Hermiston mayor in 1998 against Frank Harkenrider.

“When I ran against Harkenrider, I wanted to move the fairgrounds and rodeo up on the hill and he said it would never happen,” Storment said. “Now it’s going to happen and it’s going to cost more now.”

Storment said he has been “disappointed” with city government in recent years.

“I’m tired of the people not having a voice in City Hall,” Storment said. “Enough is enough.”

Storment said the issues that concern him are public safety and the city budget.

“Our police department needs all the support it can get,” Storment said. “I’d also like to see a new municipal building with a regional jail facility. I’d like our officers to spend their time here patrolling instead of two or three hours a day driving prisoners to Pendleton.”

Storment also said the city’s wastewater treatment plant is long overdue.

“It should have been taken care of 10 years ago but it wasn’t,” he said. “We could have saved ourselves a lot of money by doing it then.”

If one of the candidates in the May primary receives more than 50 percent of the vote, that candidate will win the spot. If nobody receives the required majority, the top two will advance to the November general election.

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