The city of Stanfield is still looking for new legal representation, and City Manager Blair Larsen said he was hoping to have possible candidates to present to the City Council at its next meeting.

Larsen said the city council decided to find a new city attorney at a meeting in October after concluding they were unsatisfied with the performance of the former attorney, Thomas Creasing, Hermiston.

“We have put the word out there,” Larsen said. “For a city our size, we don’t need a full-time attorney. We put out a request for proposals. We put out notice with the state bar association and direct mailed attorneys in Hermiston and Pendleton. If there are any firms in eastern Oregon that haven’t heard we are looking, they’re not paying attention.”

Larsen said the city had received two applications and one request for more information from a firm in Portland.

The deadline set for applications is Nov. 19. Larsen said the City Council will review applications that night at its regularly scheduled meeting.

Council members will then decide whether they want to set up interviews or hire a city attorney based on the proposals.

Larsen said the successful candidate would have to meet a variety of expectations.

“My recommendation will be based on the level of experience,” Larsen said. “It will be based on their case history, who they have represented and how successful they have been in the past. If it’s a firm, it will be based on how many people they have and what their specialties are.”

Larsen said the City Council decided to look for new representation after the city lost a lawsuit that eventually cost more than $80,000 in reimbursed legal fees.

“Hindsight is 20/20, of course, and the council decided it had followed bad legal advice,” Larsen said.

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