Something strange in the neighborhood

<p>Investigator Johna Gadley, of the Gorge Paranormal Society, talks with community members about her experience as a ghost hunter. Gadley and her husband, Jeff, spoke at the Hermiston Public Library Friday night about their experiences hunting the paranormal.</p>

Equipped with nothing but a digital camera, voice recorder, spirit box and flashlight, the main goal of the Gorge Paranormal Society is to eventually investigate every historic building in The Dalles.

Owners of the organization, Jeff and Johna Gadley, visited the Hermiston Public Library Saturday to explain how they go about trying to find and capture what they think are spirits on film, as well as provide some evidence of what they see as proof of the paranormal.

“I was a skeptic about this stuff when I first met Jeff,” Johna Gadley said. “I would tell him that is your thing. I never wanted any part of it.”

She said one night, Jeff asked if she would just consider going out with him to one of his investigations of the Pioneer Cemetery in The Dalles and that ever since, she has been a believer.

She said when they went out, it was pitch black and she heard distinct footsteps in the leaves. When she pointed her flashlight toward the sound, there was nothing there. She said she made a joke to the “spirit” about dogging another woman.

Johna Gadley said it was then that she felt a hard karate chop to the neck, which caused her to drop to the ground.

“My neck hurt for two weeks after that,” she said. “Ever since I have been a believer.”

Johna Gadley said they recently formed the group in The Dalles and now offer tours and investigations of homes, buildings and historic places to members of the public.

Using a high-frequency voice recorder, standard digital camera and a flashlight, Gadley said she, Jeff and their other investigators take people through the haunted spaces to see if they can capture photographs of “orbs,” or what they think are spirit energy waves, and spirit communication. The orbs appear as circular white, blue or even sometimes red blobs in the picture.

Jeff Gadley said they recently started using a spirit box, which changes radio frequencies more than 100 times per minute, and is said to be effective in getting spirits to communicate aloud.

The Gadleys presented a number of recordings they have captured using the spirit box including one where what they believe to be a spirit said “I’m Gordon” after someone asked what the spirit’s name was.

As far as pictures are concerned, Jeff Gadley said they take a number of pictures in the same spot to ensure clean evidence of what they are capturing. He said they won’t capture an orb in every photograph and want to take as many pictures as possible to disprove the theory of them capturing dust in the photograph. Johna Gadley said what makes their organization so unique is the fact that when they do tours, they allow people to use their own cameras to capture evidence for themselves. She said if the people on the tour hear something, they let them decipher whether or not it was a voice and if they can hear what they said.

“We try and debunk as much as possible,” She said. “We want clean evidence.”

Johna Gadley said right now, they are currently based and only do tours out of The Dalles, but hope to expand their services to other regions throughout the state in the near future.

They will next give a presentation at 5 p.m. Oct. 25 at the Umatilla Public Library. Johna Gadley said they hope to do an investigation right after the presentation.

For more information, contact the Gadleys at 509-594-2436 or visit their website at

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