Sno Road Winery holds successful grand opening with Cinderella night

<p>Sno Road Winery owners Lloyd and Lois Piercy held their first large event in the Koontz building, which they have spent the last four years renovating. The event was a masquerade ball, and an award was given to the pair with the best costume.</p>

The town of Echo came alive Saturday night when Sno Road Winery held its first large event in its new, larger space: a masquerade ball in the recently renovated Koontz Building.

The event marked the grand opening for the winery in the Koontz Building, which Sno Road Winery owners Lloyd and Lois Piercy have spent the past four years rehabilitating. They recently moved their business from the Teel Building, with was Echo’s first school house, into the Koontz Building, 111 W. Main St.

“It’s a very crazy and fun outing,” Lois Piercy said of the grand opening event. “Everyone is just having fun.”

Approximately 60 guests attended the event where three different types of Sno Road wine were served, a catered dinner was provided and live music was performed by Margaret Mayer and Co.

Hidden beneath colorful masks, many of the people at the event took to the dance floor to show off their dance moves beneath a crystal chandelier and low lighting.

“It’s awesome,” Hermiston resident Sheryl Newton said of the festivities. “It’s a great event.”

Dixie McNeal, who has attended a few of the Piercys’ events in the past, said it did not disappoint.

“Lloyd and Lois really know how to do it,” she said.

Many of the people attending the party took notice of the winery’s new space and appreciated the Piercys efforts to rehabilitate older buildings in Echo. Among some of the improvements to the ballroom, where the main part of the party took place, included the addition of an antique chandelier, revamped tin molding along the outer edges of the ceiling and the preserved wooden dance floor. The entry way to the building also served as the bar area for the night, which featured local artists’ paintings, new furniture and new lighting.

“I love their new building,” Hermiston resident Trena Moore said. “It’s amazing to have another historic building in the area revamped.”

The Piercys presented a bottle of their locally-crafted wine to the winners of a best dressed category at the party, which went to David and Kristi Dykkerson.

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