The nation’s largest onion producer is now back under the management of Bob and Rick Hale.

The Hale brothers bought the majority of River Point Farms from a Dallas, Texas company on Aug. 15, regaining the majority control of the Hermiston-based company. The Hale and Levy families started the company in 1982 and sold the majority to CIC Partners in 2007.

Bob Hale said on Tuesday it’s important the brothers keep the business owned at a local level.

“We’ve spent a lifetime of growing (and) building the company,” Bob Hale said. “It was important for us to keep it in Hermiston.”

The brothers listed Taylor Farms of Salinas, Calif., as a strategic partner and shareholder in the purchase as well as existing shareholder CIS Partners, and Curry and Co., of Brooks, Ore. Other shareholders are Bill Levy, Hale Farms Vice President Craig Reeder, Todd Longgood, JR Carr, Stahls Hutterien and Jensen Farms.

Through the purchase, Bob Hale said the company has plans to expand their retail business and could invest in facilities and equipment, according to a press release. Under the new level of ownership, Bob Hale said the company is positioned to expand its growing, production, packing, shipping and products in the next several months.

River Point Farms is the nation’s largest producer of red onions, producing about 450 million pounds of onions each year and distributing to 50 states and Canada, according to the press release.

Hale said he and Rick Hale are “elated” about the purchase that he said empowers them to reinvest quickly in new opportunities and react to market conditions and customer requests.

“We’re happy to regain control of the company, to position the company to move forward,” Bob Hale said.

To learn more about the company, go online at

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