While many residents of the area may not know the name, they may know the face of Ken Irwin.

Many common household appliances in area homes are working properly because of the job done by Irwin.

Six months ago, Irwin was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of pancreatic cancer.

After four months of treatments failed to remedy his condition, Irwin is home in Hermiston with his family.

Mike Giordano said Irwin worked within the community for 30 years repairing household appliances.

Giordano said Irwin only recently quit working even after learning of his diagnosis.

“He is a hard worker. He used to chop wood with his son on the weekends just to help him make a few extra bucks,” Giordano said. “He has helped a lot of people in this community. A lot of people may not know him besides being the guy that showed up with the name Ken on his uniform and fixed your appliance.”

Garrison’s Home Appliance Store Manager Mike Brown worked with Irwin for nearly 11 years. Brown said customers were always satisfied with the work done by Irwin, and he could fix almost anything around the shop.

“If it wasn’t right he would go back and make it right,” Brown said. “If the job took longer than expected he would always stay and get it done. Customers really liked him.”

Now the community that Irwin served for more than 30 years working for Wilcox and Garrison’s Appliance stores has a chance to do something for Irwin and his family. Giordano has arranged with local branches of Banner Bank to set up an account to which members of the community can donate if they wish. Giordano and his wife started the effort independent of the family.

“This family is not looking for help,” Giordano said.

“They would never ask for help, but they would be the first ones to help out someone else.”

Those wishing to donate can get more information at any local branch of Banner Bank.

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