Between 75 and 100 people came out to Regency Hermiston on Thursday to sample wine and cheese, cupcakes and other edible goodies as well as to learn about the upgraded services at the facility.   

An elegant spread, coupled with music by Nicolas Miranda, of Hermiston, provided an atmosphere where Office Manager Ronda Witt said attendees could do a walk through of the facility, see what the facility has to offer and get to know each other.  

“It went really well,” Witt said. “It was a really good turnout.”

Attendees were able to tour the full-sized kitchen, restroom and new equipment that make up new additions to the rehabilitation center. Twenty-one rooms, a dining room, therapy gym and other therapy equipment are also part of the renovations.

With a large emphasis on educating the community about the new facility, Regency sent out 150 invitations and personally delivered cookies to various business owners to get the word out.

“I think they all really enjoyed themselves from what I gathered,” Witt said.

Although the center had a ribbon cutting ceremony in late September, Regency wanted to educate the entire community about the added services provided at the facility.

“We just wanted to introduce it to the whole community,” Witt said.

Regency expressed thanks to the following business owners: Columbia Crest Winery, Coca-Cola, The Cottage Flowers, Bellinger Farms, American Printing, Chuckwagon Cafe, Desert Lane bowling alley, Sysco, Eastern Oregon Telecom, Columbia Court Club, Fudgie’s Bakery and The Country Gentleman in Kennewick.


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