Ghost Hunters Northwest, an organization that investigates paranormal activities, including reported sightings of ghosts, will present a community program: “Project Spooky!” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, at the Hermiston Public Library and all ages are invited.

The program will take about one hour. Team members from GHNW will present information on topics such as what are ghosts and the different types of haunts. They will explain and demonstrate the newest cutting-edge technologies and equipment used in investigating paranormal activity, including a few inventions that the team has created to help them in their work.

A question-and-answer period will follow the presentation.

GHNW is based in Umatilla and headed up by three area correctional officers: GHNW founder, investigator and technology manager Chris McCauley, co-founder and lead investigator Doug Sanders, and investigator Dusty Wilson. GHNW was formed in 2011 by members who had previously been involved with other paranormal investigating teams.

GHNW’s mission is to investigate places where paranormal activities – sightings, sounds, smells, touch – have been reported and to try to find natural explanations for such occurrences. The team uses specialized technology and equipment to document such activities.

GHNW members do not charge clients for their work. The team also has a mission to help educate their clients and the public at large about paranormal events and the latest information and beliefs about them in relation to the religious, spiritual and occult.

The group will also present at the Milton-Freewater Library on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

The programs are sponsored by the Hermiston Public Library, Milton-Freewater Public Library and the Libraries of Eastern Oregon. For more information, contact Hermiston library director Marie Baldo at 541-567-2882, Milton-Freewater library director Bob Jones at 541-938-8246, or LEO director Lyn Craig at

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