Project Linus’ motto is, “Providing Security Through Blankets,” and that’s exactly what the group intends to do. On Sept. 30, a raffle will be held to give away a giant, locally-made quilt in support of the non-profit organization.

Project Linus provides quilts for children in crisis, from domestic violence to fire victims. The Hermiston chapter has made and donated 47 quilts this year.

The group gets calls for quilts from different organizations in the area. The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Department  is a heavy utilizer of the service. To the children in need, the quilt is more than just an item of warmth.

“They’re more of a comfort thing,” said Gina Fiddes, one of Project Linus’ Hermiston leaders. “It’s something tangible for them to hold onto.”

Sometimes quilts go to hospital patients or the homeless, but the group rarely knows where their hard-worked donation goes. 

 “It’s a total act of faith,” Fiddes says.

When they do know where the quilt goes, Fiddes says it’s the most rewarding feeling one can have.

She tells a story of a family whose infant child was life-flighted to Portland for surgery. The child’s mother was the only one at the hospital, sitting in the waiting room by herself, praying for her child to survive.

“A nurse came up out of the blue and gave her a quilt,” Fiddes said.

It served as a token of hope for the woman.

Fiddes also said the quilts help to serve as a “we’re here for you” gesture.

The group has donated to Haiti and other disaster areas.

“Anyone can participate,” Fiddes said. “We meet once a month and we also have people that just create and drop-off.”

Quilts can be dropped off at Pendleton QuiltWorks in Pendleton or Aunty Ida’s in Hermiston. Just make sure to say they are a Project Linus donation.

All funds raised in the Hermiston raffle go toward materials for finishing 25 quilt tops donated from a shop in Washington. The raffle quilt, made by Susan LeFever and Gina Fiddes, measures 69 inches by 91 inches. Tickets are $1 a piece, or $5 for six. Tickets can be purchased at the following businesses: Aunty Ida's, Pendleton QuiltWorks, Roemarks, Ace, Hermiston Library, URS, IRZ, Hermiston Drug, Inland Pool, Branch and Wonders.

“It’s something as simple as quilt to help a child in a time in need,” Fiddes said.

For more information, contact Gina Fiddes at 541-567-8148.

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