New business offers a place to get your fix

This building at 1290 Sixth St. Ñ formerly Hometown Video Ñ will soon become Java Junkies, a new coffee and sandwhich shop in Umatilla.

With prayer and preparation, one family will soon open coffee and sandwich shop Java Junkies in downtown Umatilla.

The building — the old Hometown Video location at 1290 Sixth St. — is rented, the painting is done, and electricians and plumbers visited the future restaurant on Tuesday, moving business owner Vicky Borden one step closer to realizing a dream.

“As soon as we can get the plumbing and electricity done, we’ll throw everything together and be up and running,” she said. “We’re shooting for the first week in October. I’m nervous and excited. The feedback has been so positive.”

Borden and her two daughters — Dauna Griggs and Ashley Borden — will run the shop, a move the trio decided on about two months ago.

“At that time, this building became available, and it’s in the prime spot on the main highway in front of the school, so we’ve decided to go together and do this. Everything just feels right,” Borden said. “The whole family is helping get ready.”

Family members, including Borden and her daughters, as well as spouses and boyfriends, have been painting, constructing and installing features on the inside of the building, a move Borden said has helped with the start-up costs of the business.

“We’re renting the building, and without the expense of buying a building and, of hiring a contractor, I think we’re going to be fine,” she said. “We keep a positive attitude and keep ourselves grounded in our faith, and I think we’re going to make it.”

So far the planned menu includes sandwiches, soup and salads, espressos and smoothies, and in addition to the meal options, Java Junkies will feature wifi access and will be open after local sporting events.

“I want it to be not only a family restaurant but also a safe place for kids to come hang out after school,” she said. “We’re going to make this a real family business, and with a lot of prayer and good food, I think we’ll make it. Umatilla is really a good community with great people. I’d love to see this town flourish, and this is our effort toward that.”

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