The region’s coldest temperatures of the winter so far are expected from Thursday, Feb. 11, through the weekend, according to the National Weather Service office in Pendleton.

The office announced on Feb. 8 that Eastern Oregon residents should expect high temperatures in the low 20s and lows in the single digits Feb. 11 through Feb. 13. Pendleton is forecast to reach a low of 9 degrees on Saturday, with Hermiston with a low of 13 on Thursday night.

While there was still some uncertainty about whether the low temperatures would be accompanied by snow, the announcement stated, there was “increasing confidence for bouts of snow late week into the weekend, especially for Feb. 11 when light to moderate snow amounts are possible.”

The weather service encourages people to prepare for extreme cold events by making sure their vehicle has a full tank of gas in case they get stranded and need to keep the vehicle heated for an extended period of time. They should also carry emergency supplies in their vehicle, such as food, water, flashlights, blankets and a first aid kit.

During extreme cold events, the weather service encourages people to stay inside as much as possible and make provisions to keep pets and livestock warm. If people do need to venture outside they should dress in layers, cover as much exposed skin as possible and keep dry.

Frostbite can happen in minutes, the weather service’s guide states, and affected skin should be warmed up gently using warm water or body heat to prevent accidentally burning numbed areas before feeling returns. Avoid walking on frostbitten feet, as that can cause further damage. Go to the hospital if skin turns blue or gray, is blistered or extremely swollen or feels hard and numb even under the surface. Hypothermia, a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s temperatures reaches below 96 degrees, can be accompanied by disorientation or loss of consciousness and requires immediate medical attention.

To download the National Weather Service mobile app to keep up to date on the latest forecasts, visit

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