Council to vote on adding student representative

Maegan Murray photo Members for the Main Street Revitalization Committee have been chosen. The group will now meet regularly to discuss ideas and make recommendations to the City Council for what improvements should be made to the Stanfield downtown.

Stanfield’s city council is looking to give youth in the community a bigger voice.

On Tuesday the council will vote on adding a student representative to council meetings. The student would not be a voting member of the council, but would attend council meetings and be asked to give input on the issues addressed.

“They will have a voice, and basically provide a youth perspective,” City Manager Blair Larsen said.

He said the ordinance, as written, would give Stanfield Secondary School students control over who would represent them as part of their yearly student government elections.

Larsen said the idea came about when the city council discussed trying to get youth more involved in the community. Larsen discussed the idea with outgoing superintendent Shelley Liscom and new superintendent Beth Burton, and both were supportive.

He said because the council’s current chambers on Coe Avenue are so small, the student would probably sit with staff for now. But if the council ever moved to a bigger space as hoped, the student would likely be seated with the council.

On Tuesday the council will also consider adjusting its meeting schedule. Currently, the council meets the first Tuesday of every month, with a meeting on the third Tuesday added if needed. The change would make the third Tuesday the mandatory meeting instead, so that departments and committees could have more time to compile their monthly reports.

Larsen said the next few months should necessitate two meetings a month anyway, as the city has lots going on. He said they are excited about a new playground coming to Bard Park, and about a trail along the Stage Gulch that is currently being designed.

The trail would run along the gulch — the narrow waterway that runs through Bard Park — about a mile from Sherman Street to Edwards Road. Larsen said the timeline for the project is uncertain but he hopes the city might finish it by the end of the summer.

The Stanfield City Council meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the city council chambers, 150 W. Coe Ave.

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