School levy fails, grasshoppers swarm and con man caught

Herald file photoCity crews planted 60 trees along the seven blocks of Main Street in 1992.

• Harvey Hazen was chosen as the new superintendent of the Stanfield School District to replace retiring superintendent Jim Carlson. Hazen comes from Wy’east Middle School in Hood River.

• Thanks to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s permit process, the Haas Foods plant in Umatilla expanded its operations.

“We will begin dehydrating garlic this week and continue until mid August,” said plant manager Dan Briscoe. “We’ve had garlic arrive already and are just waiting to get the volume up.

• The City of Echo has received a long awaited Oregon Community Development Block Grant.

“I had a phone call that said we had gotten it, but I wanted to wait for official confirmation before I got excited about it,” said Diane Berry, city administrator.

City officials have been “holding their breaths” since early March when the city applied for a $500,000 grant to improve the city’s deteriorating water system.

• A group of the Hermiston Jaycees, including Larry Keimig, Al Frost, Bruce Holloman, Dennis Potter, Doug Whichter and Dick Ervin, appeared at the regular meeting of the Hermiston City Council Wednesday May 24, to discuss the distribution and upkeep of the city litter barrels which the Jaycees have contributed as a civic project. Ervin presented the Jaycee’s plans to the council.

Councilman Lawrence Gray made a motion the council formally accepted the Jaycees fine project. The motion carried.

• Echo voters again defeated the 1967-68 school budget in an election Monday, May 29. The vote for the tax levy over 6 percent limitation was 116-Yes, 122-No.

This defeated the proposed budget by six votes the second time it had been placed before Echo District voters.

• Work is going forward in Boardman on the new Dodge City Motor Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tatone expect to open for business about June 1.

The half million dollar luxury motel will consist of 40 units, with a restaurant and a 20 by 40 foot swimming pool. Later on they hope to open the lounge.

• Interest in the 1942 county fair was revived somewhat this week with the announcement from the state department at Salem that Umatilla County’s potion of this year’s “cut” will amount to $2,019.

A meeting of the county board will be held in the near future.

• Construction of the Hermiston sewer and improving the water system is gaining momentum every day and full steam ahead is the order for the next few months, according to the contractor. Anxious residents who are concerned about their lawns because irrigation has been hindered are asked to be patient and all possible speed will be made to resume operations.

• For the first time in many years, the city of Echo will be without an official newspaper. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Crary, who have published the paper since November, 1915, this week announced that they were voluntarily going on the retired list as far as publishing the paper is concerned.

The News was established in 1913 by Al Carden and was purchased by the Crarys in 1915. Rising costs, war restrictions and inability to secure help in the mechanical department and wishing to get away from the “regular grind” were given as reasons for the step.

• Approximately 50 acres of green crops have been destroyed and several hundred more acres are being menaced and damaged by a serious concentration of grasshoppers in the Butter Creek section of Umatilla County. About 20 acres of the infested area the damage is so severe that practically all green vegetation on the desert has already been defoliated. Since the feed is running short on the desert, the hoppers, even though they are small as yet, are moving to green crop for feed.

• The Hermiston auxiliary of the Red Cross is growing steadily in membership. The officers hope this will continue until every person in this area is affiliated. All the ladies who possibly can are urged to help on the sewing. This work is the making of needed supplies to be used in the hospitals and the demand will undoubtedly soon be heavy. The work room is open every day, so those giving their time can select the hours that will least conflict with home work.

• A large plate glass window in the front of the Oregon Hardware & Implement Co., was broken Sunday by a carelessly thrown rock. This is the second window to be broken within a short time.

• Last week a man of excellent appearance dropped into Hermiston claiming to be a traveling representative of the telephone company. He called at the local telephone office to make his bluff good and seemed well posted on all details. Later he went to the bank to cash a check and made such a good showing in talk and with credentials that he was given $325. Soon after the bank became suspicious and telephoned the sheriff and it was found a Pasco bank had also cashed a check.

Sheriff Til Taylor caught the man as he was going through Pendleton. He had more than enough money to repay both banks and admitted the forgery.

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