Hermiston High School Class of 2020

Ely Cardenas receives his diploma at Hermiston High School’s commencement ceremony on June 4, 2020. Graduation data is one of the only things featured on this year’s report cards given to schools by the state.

All the local school districts showed incomplete progress on their state report cards for 2019-20, but that was by design.

The report cards released to the public by the Oregon Department of Education on Thursday, Oct. 15 did not include ninth grade on-track for graduation figures, attendance data and test scores the state usually shares with the district and the public, accounting for the pandemic that has forced students to learn from home since last March and caused state testing to be canceled in the spring.

All that remains in this year’s report cards is graduation data and demographic data for students and teachers.

“It’s not a useful document,” said Hermiston School District Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Bryn Browning.

Instead of relying on the data supplied by the state, Browning said Hermiston teachers are administering their own formative assessments to determine where their students need help academically. But given that these tests will be administered online instead of in person, Browning said it was far from the ideal way to gauge student performance.

Browning considered the district’s 74% on-time graduation rate a bright spot, although it was still below the state’s 80% rate.

But compared to where the district was five years ago, when it only graduated about 64% of its seniors on time, the 2018-19 graduation rate listed in the recently released report cards represents a vast improvement.

Umatilla School District’s on-time graduation rate was 87% for 2018-19.

Stanfield School District’s rate was 94%.

Echo School District was 87%.

Morrow County School District was 88%.

The report cards for each district can be found on the Oregon Department of Education’s website at oregon.gov/ode/schools-and-districts/reportcards.

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