Stanfield Police Chief Bryon Zumwalt and Lt. Monte Toombs remain on paid administrative leave, but details are emerging about what led to former officer Ryan McBride’s dismissal from the force and threat to sue the city, which lead to an investigation of the chief and his lieutenant.

McBride has alleged his dismissal was the result of him reporting misconduct by his supervisors.

The East Oregonian reported Saturday, Jan. 9, that McBride and a deputy with the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office both lost their jobs for trying to cover up a non-injury crash that followed a night of off-duty drinking.

The deputy, Allen “Al” Plum, resigned his position with the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 31. McBride was later fired from the Stanfield Police Department on Oct. 5.

In November, McBride threatened to sue the city of Stanfield, claiming he was fired for reporting misconduct on the part of Zumwalt and Toombs.

Many of details reported by the East Oregonian Saturday came from a 36-page investigation report conducted after Plum crashed is Toyota Tacoma pickup into the guardrail of an bridge of an irrigation canal on Hinkle Motel Road south of Feedville Road northwest of Stanfield on Union Pacific property near the Hinkle rail yard.

The full East Oregonian story by reporter Phil Wright, which is supplemented by talking to those close to the investigation, can be found online at: A link to file from the investigation that occurred after the crash can also be found online at that address.

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