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Amy Ashton-Williams, director of Human Services in Umatilla County, and her team of Certified Recovery Mentors, including Timmy Clark, Megan Torres, Marvella Ugarte, June Kilgore and Tiffany Thomas, peer mentor supervisor.

The Mental Health & Addiction Certification Board of Oregon recently highlighted the leadership of Amy Ashton-Williams, the director of Human Services in Umatilla County, and her team of Certified Recovery Mentors.

According to a statement from the certification board, Ashton-Williams has worked diligently to integrate recovery mentors in the agency’s intensive alcohol and drug outpatient program over the last four years. Clients who have recovery mentors, Ashton-Williams said, have a higher retention in treatment, are more likely to stay clean and sober, and have less recidivism.

The team includes Tiffany Thomas, the peer mentor supervisor, who also offers free group supervision for peers working at local mental health agencies, outpatient substance use disorder facilities and residential facilities. The county provides assistance to the local agencies as a way to coordinate services and build a strong peer community.

Recovery mentors include Timmy Clark and Megan Torres, who have been working in this capacity during traditional work hours. With the addition of more grant funding, Ashton-Williams said peer mentors could be available during evening hours as well.

Also, in collaboration with the State Opioid Response Grant, recovery mentors are available at emergency rooms. They are able to provide brief interventions with individuals who are experiencing consequences from their use. Ashton-Williams and Thomas said that the addition of June Kilgore and Marvella Ugarte has improved the county’s ability to connect with and provide support to community members during and after an emergency room visit.

For more information, contact Ashton-Williams at amy.ashton-williams@umatillacounty.net or 541-278-6330.

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