Students will be able to do more of their learning at home next year as the Morrow County School District rolls out a district-sponsored online learning program.

“This is obviously the wave of the future, and we have to be proactive in offering that opportunity,” said superintendent Dirk Dirksen.

Students will be able to take all of their classes online, add a single online class to their school day or split their time between taking core classes online and electives like band and weight-lifting in a school building.

Parents and students can learn more at informational sessions. Each of the gatherings are at 6 p.m. in the school’s library:

•Monday, June 5 at Heppner Jr./Sr. High School

•Wednesday, June 7 at Irrigon Jr./Sr. High School

•Thursday, June 8 at Riverside Jr./Sr. High School

In the past, students living in Morrow County School District have been able to take a college course or credit recovery course online, but their only option for a full day of online learning has been to join charter schools like Oregon Virtual Academy, which directs state funds for that student outside the school district.

With the Morrow County’s Online School-At-Home, state education money will support a local instructor to help teach and mentor online students. They will work with online learning companies and InterMountain Education Service District’s new online school to offer a package of options to students. The education service district officially launches its online program in July as a way to staunch the flow of students in Eastern Oregon enrolling in online schools sponsored by other districts.

While re-capturing state money for those students, Dirksen said the district is offering online school to benefit students by providing more choice and flexibility in their learning. Some students, he said, work better in an online environment at their own pace, while others respond better to the in-person interactions of a brick and mortar classroom.

For more information, call the Morrow Education Center at 541-922-4004.

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