The following local 4-H participants received awards at the 2018 Oregon State Fair, held Aug. 24 through Sept 3 in Salem:

Jayden Bertsch (Stanfield): Blue, Reserve Champion (RC), Basic Skills Level 1 - Garment with skills other; Red, Muffin, Level 1, Jr.; Blue, Cooked Jam, Jr.; Blue, Quick Pickles Other Than Cucumber, Jr.

Juliann Bruce (Hermiston): Red, Landscape, Int.; Red, Novice Dog Obedience, Int.; Blue, Dog Rally, Beginner on-lead, Int.; Blue, Medallion (MD), Dog Showmanship, Int.; Blue, Dogs, Int.

Nadalie Cannell (Hermiston): Red, Drawing and Sketching - Multi-media, Jr.; Blue, Other interesting subject, Jr.

Kendall Cooper (Stanfield): Red, Action/Movement, Int.; Blue, Portrait, Int.; Blue, Basic Skills Level 3 - Item for the home, Int.

Kaitlyn Crowther (Hermiston): Blue, Favorite Recipe Collection, Jr.

Austin Garberg (Hermiston): Blue, Pre-Novice Dog Obedience, Int.; Blue, Dog Rally, Beginner on-lead, Int.; Blue, MD, Dog Showmanship, Int.

Reece Gorham (Boardman): Blue, Basic Skills Level 2 - Personal accessory, Int.; Blue, CH, MD, Basic Skills Level 2 - Item for the home, Int.; Blue, Basic Skills Level 3 - Item for the home, Int.; Blue, RC, Basic Nut Bread, Level 2, Int.; Red, Scone, Level 2, Int.; Red, Honey Bee Educational Display, Int.

Kayla Humphrey (Umatilla): Blue, Creativity, Sr.; Blue, Basic Dinner Roll, Level 3, Sr.; Blue, Favorite Recipe Collection, Sr.; Red, Dried Meat or Poultry, Sr.

Alyssa Long (Hermiston): Blue, Novice Dog Obedience, Int.; Blue, Dog Rally, Beginner on-lead, Int.; Blue, RC, Dog Showmanship, Int.

CherryLynn Machado (Hermiston): White, Short Story, Jr.; Blue, Scrapbooking, Jr.; Blue, Drawing and Sketching - Graphite Pencil, Jr.; Blue, Finishing a Space, Accessory for Walls, Jr.; Blue, Art Non-Original Wearable.

Ally McClure (Hermiston): Blue, CH, MD, Short Story, Int.

Rian Middleton (Hermiston): Blue, Advanced Skills Levels 7/8/9/ - Garment.

Megan Palzinski (Hermiston): Red, English Equitation (Hunt Seat), Int.; Red, Western Equitation, Int.; Blue, Trail Horse, Int.; Blue, MD Round, Intermediate Showmanship; Blue, Dressage, Int., Training Level, Test 2.

Paige Palzinski (Hermiston): Blue, English Equitation (Hunt Seat), Int.; Blue, MD Round, Western Equitation, Int.; Blue, MD Round, Trail Horse, Int.; Blue, Intermediate Showmanship; Blue, MD Round, Hunt Seat Over Fences, Int.; Blue, MD, Dressage, Int., Training Level, Test 3.

Avery Szulewski (Hermiston): Red, Educational Display, Int.

Daytona Tracy (Hermiston): Blue, Educational Display, Int.; Blue, Cereal Marshmallow Bars, Level 1, Int.; Blue, Dish Garden, Int.; Blue, Honey Bee Educational Display, Int.

Ashley Treadwell (Hermiston): Blue, CH, Videography, Educational, Int.

Hannah Walker (Hermiston): Blue, Novice Dog Obedience, Sr.; Blue, Dog Showmanship, Sr.

Jace Wallace (Hermiston): Blue, Plants, Jr.; White, Other interesting subject, Jr.

Jenna Wallace (Hermiston): Blue, Plants, Sr.

Lillian Wallis (Hermiston): Red, Drawing using a Shading Technique – Multi; Red, Portrait, Int.

Umatilla County Livestock Judging Team Senior Team: 3rd Overall Team

Kennidy Baker (Hermiston): 7th Overall Individual

Jenna Wallace (Hermiston) 15th Overall Individual

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