Shooting 1

Law enforcement from area agencies investigate reports of shots fired Aug. 5 in the vicinity of West Cherry Avenue and Northwest Second Street, Hermiston.

The Hermiston Police Department continues its investigation of last week’s shooting that left two Kennewick teens with non-life threatening bullet wounds.

The suspect, Carsen Dain Rawe, 19, of Umatilla, remains in the Umatilla County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail on four felony counts.

Police chief Jason Edmiston said the investigation found the three teens know each other and are at least “associates.”

The shootings occurred at about 6:40 p.m. at West Cherry Avenue and Northwest Second Street. Edmiston said Rawe and the victims, one 15 and one 17, may have beefed on social media and earlier that day, Aug. 5, and had “some kind of exchange of words” in a confrontation at a car wash not far from the scene of the shooting.

While none of the three lived in Hermiston, Edmiston said they all have family in the town. Rawe also grew up there and in 2018 graduated from Hermiston High School.

Still, Edmiston said, Hermiston police have to deal with its share of crime from people who don’t live in the community. Hermiston police have solid relations with Washington agencies, he said, particularly the Kennewick Police Department and Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

Offenders don’t recognize state lines, he said, while they also know they are there. Some who make trouble on this side of the Washington border work to high-tail it back across to evade police.

Edmiston added pinning down how much crime in town was due to out-of-towners is difficult to quantify. Plenty of vehicles in Hermiston sport Washington plates, for example, he said, but those vehicles belong to locals.

Rawe so far faces two counts each of second-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

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