October 5, 1993

Seven fights reported Friday at Hermiston High School and a drive-by shooting off school grounds Monday are unrelated incidents, according to Jer Pratton, Hermiston School District superintendent.

Last Friday, seven fights were reported at the high school, with “half the fights” between girls, he said.

“We can’t find a common thread among any of them,” he added.

He said fights during school don’t occur that often, but fights do happen during the first two weeks of school when “The kids are determining their pecking order.”

Pratton said, to his understanding, Monday’s drive-by shooting near school grounds was not school-related, and did not involve enrolled Hermiston students. Hermiston High School may not be able to put a closed campus ruling in effect during its 25-minute lunch period because of the number of students compared to available cafeteria space.

“It would take at least four lunch periods to serve 1,000 kids,” Pratton said.

The school district “is not considering” a closed campus during lunch at this time in response to recent violence, he added.


October 3, 1968

According to state police, a suspect, John Q. Kirby, 28, wanted on charges of bank robbery in southern California, was arrested by State Police last Saturday, Sept. 28, on Highway 30, between Boardman and Arlington. The officers were alerted by a nationwide teletype description of the fugitive’s car. Kirby, presently held in Umatilla County jail at Pendleton, is awaiting extradition proceedings with bail set at $50,000 on the bank robbery charge and $2,000 on a charge of being an ex-convict in possession of a firearm.

• A panel discussion centered around the Port of Umatilla’s activities is slated for the Hermiston Chamber of Commerce at their regular evening meeting next Monday, Oct. 7, says Chuck Bailey, Chamber of Commerce president. Port Commissioners will enter into the panel discussion with Harmon Springer acting as moderator for the group. All residents of the area are invited to attend to learn more about the commission’s present operations and plans for the future.


October 7, 1943

Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Madison recently received a letter from Harold Rainwater, formerly of Hermiston. He is stationed on some island somewhere near Sicily or thereabouts. He tells that farming methods there are very crude, but that the crops are excellent. Vineyards are scattered about the countryside and wine almost more plentiful than good drinking water. He said cigarettes and rations were highly prized by both Americans and the Italians they encountered.

“The large majority of them will not take money, either American or Italian. In fact, our money is almost useless to us, so much so that this month I sent $70 of my $79 home and of the balance, $6.66 was taken out for insurance.”

He also states that to date his worst enemy has been filth and malaria.


October 5, 1918

Four well-known Umatilla County farmers are dodging their duty in failing to take an equitable share of the Fourth Liberty Loan bonds. In other words they refuse to buy their apportionment, and for this reason have been yellow carded by the Umatilla County Patriotic Service League, and according to agreement among all the editors of papers in the county to publish the names of such slackers when called upon to do so by the above council, their names are herewith given: John Peters and Hans Pahl, both well known farmers of Pendleton, Higbee Harris, wealthy Milton capitalist, and Frank Hilbert, prominent Ukiah stockman. Should there be any slackers develop in the Hermiston district after the committees close up their work early next week their names will also be published in all the papers of the county.

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